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Author: David Shih

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What to know for a hassle-free settlement day

If you are buying or selling a property, the settlement period is when you will deal with finances and paperwork to legally transfer ownership of the property. Your financial and legal reps will handle the hard stuff but knowing what is involved is key to a smooth settlement. Here we guide you through it. Before…
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What should you be asking the Agent during open inspections?

If you are buying a new home or investment, chances are you will be attending a lot of open houses and meeting a lot of real estate agents. Asking them the right questions not only shows you are an intelligent & serious buyer but also allows you to obtain the information you need in order…
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The 4 Interest Rate Quadrants

Are you someone who is always chasing for the “lowest possible rate”? Are you someone who is upset because you’re not getting the sharpest rate ever on market? Well, there are various reasons on why you may not be eligible for that “sharpest rate”. That’s why today I want to share my thoughts on why…
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Property of the fortnight – 70 Nanworen Cres, Bell Park VIC 3215

Our pick of the week this week is 70 Nanworen Cres, Bell Park VIC 3215. Sold 2 months ago for $435K, this 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom 2 garage house sitting on 559sqm block offers excellent value in a suburb where median price sits at $460K: 1. Location – situated at Bell Park, a very decent Geelong…
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Cross Collaterisation – what is it and who does it benefit the most?

Do you know what Cross Collaterisation is? If you have multiple properties and all loans are with setup by one single lender then chances are, your loans may be cross collaterized. When you purchase a property, you usually would chip is 20% of deposit and borrow 80% as mortgage which is secured against the property…
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5 considerations before becoming A Rentvestor

Rentvesting – renting a property to live in while owning one or more investment properties – is becoming an increasingly popular way for Australians to get a foot on the property ladder. According to Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA)1, 36% of first homebuyers opted to invest in property and continue to rent instead of…
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Are you getting caught out on the latest Credit Reporting changes?

If you applied for a home loan in the current financial environment , your lender would probably assess your application in the context of both your credit score and your credit history – on top of your income, assets, liabilities and living expenses. Your credit score is a number calculated by a credit-reporting agency, which compares…
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Property of the Fortnight – 13 Longbill Pl, Taigum QLD 4018

Our pick of the week this week is 13 Longbill Pl Taigum QLD 4018. Recently sourced by Simon Loo @ House Finder for $460K, this massive 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house sitting on 420sqm block offers exceptional balance between CG & cashflow: 1. Location – situated in residential pocket of Taigum and minutes drive away to…
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Property of the Fortnight – 109 Larter St, Ballarat East VIC 3350

Our pick of the week this week is 109 Larter St Ballarat East in regional Victoria! Recently sold for $340K, this updated 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house sitting on ~900sqm block offers an amazing subdivision deal without too much cashflow drain: Location – minutes drive to Ballarat CBD. Two local primary schools nearby Building –…
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Auction has just passed in and you are the highest bidder! What happens next??

The hammer falls, the auction has ended, the bidding’s all done… and the property is passed in to you, the highest bidder. You’re standing out the front of what could be your dream home, surrounded by curious neighbours, nosy passers-by and who knows how many other serious buyers. So what now? What happens next?With the…
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