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Buying vs Building – do you need a mortgage or construction loan?

Building a new home that looks and feels just right – or making big changes to the place you live – is a goal for many. But it can be a more complicated process and a very different experience to buying an existing property. And it can require a specific type of financing – a…
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Navigating lending during the COVID-19 period

We’re currently in an unprecedented territory – a health/hygiene issue sparked strict social distancing protocols and lockdown. The consequence? All those businesses deemed as “non-essential” are now forced to shut shops/hibernate and employees were let go due to business revenue getting hit hard. Whilst government is diving into Quantitative Easing territory (like never before!) in…
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[3 min Wed finance series] Thinking to refinance in order to renovate? Here’s how!

Refinancing your assets to renovate a property is a significant decision that will hopefully improve your standard of living or add substantial value to your property.   Refinancing isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. The type of renovation proposed goes a long way to dictating the loan required. If the wrong loan is chosen,…
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