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[3 min Wed finance series] What is Comparison Rate and how does it help me?

You walked past a bank and saw the promotional ad hanging outside the window and you thought to yourself – wow that’s one attractive interest rate! But is it really saving you the most? That’s where Comparison Rate comes into play. One of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a home loan is…
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[3 min Wed finance series] It’s still not too late to unlock your equity

After years of good growth across Sydney & Melbourne we are starting to see things turning around. And now would be an even more crucial time to reach out to your brokers and see if you can still take out any equity from your home or investment property before they continue to lose value EVERYDAY!…
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What should you be focusing on in the 2019 lending environment?

With falling house prices in Sydney & Melbourne for the last 12 months, consumers are seeing more challenges than any time before with getting their loans or refinance approved. So what should you be focusing on? As a Mortgage Broker one of the most common questions I get asked is – “what is the best…
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